What Do Realtors Do?

Realtors can negotiate both property rental and real estate purchase agreements and are licensed to represent any or all parties during the transaction.
In the United States, there are three types of real estate professionals: Agents, Brokers and Realtors. Each designation has specific academic requirements which vary from state to state; however, any one of them can represent you in a real estate transaction. Each can offer invaluable help when buying a home.
Realtors are regarded as the highest tier of real estate professional and generally have the most education, and experience, as well as a declared commitment to the highest ethical standards in the industry.

Buying Property? You Need a Purchase Realtor

Why choose a Purchase Realtor? Simple. A Purchase Realtor is legally bound to act in your best interests during the time you work together under contract. They will be your partner through the entire purchasing process, from finding your new home to finding lenders to help you finance it.
Since licensed Realtors are qualified to represent any party in a real estate transaction, it is important that all parties have a clear understanding of what role everyone is playing at the beginning of any negotiation. Purchase Realtors will use a Buyer’s Representation Agreement to define the nature of the relationship you are entering at the beginning of your partnership.
Without a doubt, partnering with a Purchase Realtor is the best way to ensure you have expert help when buying a new house. You should expect insightful advice from a qualified professional who is committed to your best interests.
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The Benefits of Using a Purchase Realtor

The biggest benefit of using a Purchase Realtor is of course, that they will be working to get you the best home for the best price. Here are some other key benefits that come from using a Purchase Realtor:
  • Listings research. Purchase Realtors will work with you to identify what you need and want in a new home. They will then sift through listings to provide you with the best options on the market.
  • Area & local market expertise. Purchase Realtors know the areas they serve and understand local market conditions. They can provide thoughtful advice on the advantages or disadvantages of an area, such as tax rates, transportation options, crime rates or school quality.
  • Strategy & negotiation. Every real estate transaction involves some strategy and negotiation. A Purchase Realtor can expertly drive this process to deliver the best outcome.
  • Helpful referrals. Purchase Realtors typically belong to a wide network of individuals offering a multitude of helpful services. Often, they can refer you to trusted mortgage brokers, movers, home inspectors, attorneys, contractors, and more.
  • Overcome purchase obstacles. Purchase Realtors can help you overcome obstacles that may arise, and provide professional, productive solutions. They can provide guidance when home inspections reveal issues, advice on lenders, and help navigating heated house buying negotiation efforts.
  • No extra cost. Purchase Realtors provide exclusive representation at no extra cost to the buyer. They typically split the commission of the sale with the realtor who represents the seller.

What to Look for in a Purchase Realtor

When you set out to find a Purchase Realtor, there are certain credentials you should be aware of. Look for Realtors who are Accredited Buyer Representatives (ABR) or Certified Buyer Representatives (CBR). These credentials ensure that you are partnering with a real estate professional who exclusively represents the interests of buyers.
In addition to professional qualifications, you’ll want to be sure you choose a Purchase Realtor who is a good fit for your personality. You’ll want to build a relationship based on respect, rapport and clear objectives.
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Consider these traits when looking for your Purchase Realtor:

Compatibility & Communication

Closing a real estate deal can sometimes take many months. To make the process less challenging, choose a Purchase Realtor who you are compatible with. Look for a professional who can communicate complex contract information easily and effectively and demonstrates an understanding of your goals.

Experienced & Insightful

Choose an experienced professional who will provide expert insight to help guide your decision making as you begin your home-buying journey. The best Purchase Realtors are highly knowledgeable about the areas the serve.

Strategy & Negotiation Skills

Your Purchase Realtor must have excellent strategy and negotiation skills to best serve your interests. When interviewing potential realtors, be sure to ask questions to help you understand the house buying negotiation tactics they have used and the results delivered.

Overall, Purchase Realtors are a critical resource to buyers looking to make a real estate purchase. Their knowledge, experience and professional ethic make them an extraordinary asset to anyone looking for help when buying a home. If you are considering a real estate purchase, don’t go it alone. Seek qualified, professional help from a trusted Purchase Realtor.


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