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With a population of around 595,351, Milwaukee sits on the western shore of Lake Michigan and is the largest city in the state. Winters here are cold, windy, and snowy with low temperatures in the teens and 20s and the area is likely to receive about 45 inches of snow. Summers are warm and humid with temperatures in the upper 70s and 80s. There are 191 sunny days and 67 days of precipitation with 34 inches of rain.

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Being right on Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is often considered America’s third coast. This geographical location draws in many visitors who want to take advantage of the city’s unique culture and access to outdoor sports. Approximately 23 million people flock to the city making it the largest tourist destination in the state. But what makes this area so great that more and more people are deciding to make the move to Milwaukee? One word: community.
Milwaukee is known lovingly by residents as the “big city of little neighborhoods.” The desire to be local-centric has helped shape many of the neighborhoods, and spurred a renaissance of locally-owned eateries, boutiques, and other stores sprinkled throughout the area. While the area as a whole has deep roots in Germanic and Polish influences, each neighborhood offers a different vibe. The downtown area, located in East Town, offers a gorgeous urban neighborhood with plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment while still being walkable. Walker’s Point is artsy whereas the Harbor District is more industrial.
If you love beer, then making the move to Milwaukee is the perfect choice. Home to Pabst, Miller Brewing Company, and countless others, beer is shaping the culture and bringing back its lost German roots. The city has even earned the nickname “Beer City.”
With all that the area has to offer, it might just be time to make the big move to Milwaukee, or just a move across town. From packing to moving the heavy stuff, movers can make your move to Milwaukee, WI a breeze.

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Moving to Milwaukee Wisconsin Moving to Milwaukee Wisconsin

Jobs & Local Economy

The unemployment rate in Milwaukee is 3.6% (as of May 2018) which is lower than the national average of 3.9%.
The largest employer in the area is Aurora Health Care, and the biggest industries are healthcare, manufacturing, and food/beverage. The average commute time in Milwaukee is 39 minutes each way.
The overall cost of living in Milwaukee is 10% lower than national average. This is mainly due to the cost of housing, which is 40% lower than the national average, but transportation expenses are 17% higher than the national average.

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Making the move to Milwaukee also means you can enjoy these nearby attractions:

The Bronze Fonz

Ayyyyy! Don’t forget to snap a picture with the Bronze Fonz on Wells Street in downtown Milwaukee. This Instagram worthy art piece pays tribute to the iconic tv show The Happy Days, which was set in Milwaukee.
Moving to Milwaukee Wisconsin
Moving to Milwaukee Wisconsin


Milwaukee is home to the world’s largest music festival - Summerfest! This annual music festival takes place during summer and lasts for 11 days. Since the 1960’s the festival has attracted major headliners such as Rod Stewart, Cher, Prince, and so many more.

Milwaukee Art Museum

The first gallery at the Milwaukee Art Museum opened in 1888. Since then, it has grown into a signature landmark for the city. With its signature “wings” extending from a bridge designed by the famous architect Calatrave, the museum houses more than 30,000 art pieces.

City stats & Taxes


Total Population


Average Houshold Income


Medium Home Sales Price

Educational level

Bachelors Degree or higher

Some college or Associates Degree

High School or GED

Less than High School

No Schooling

Sales Tax

State of Wisconsin

Milwaukee County



Income Tax

Federal (Effective)





Property Tax


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