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With a population of around 308,626, St. Louis is the second largest city in Missouri. Being in the heart of “Tornado Alley,” St. Louis can experience severe and unpredictable weather. Summers are hot and humid, winters are cool to cold. There are on average 202 days of sunshine and 74 days of precipitation with 43 inches of rain and 15 inches of snow per year.

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Judy Garland sang the now famous words to “meet me in St. Louis,” and there is no denying why. The city, also known as the “Gateway to the West,” or more recently by younger generations “The Lou,” is a historic filled, exciting, and vibrant city offering world-class entertainment, affordable living, and year round events. The city is also a big tourist destination welcoming more than 25 million visitors each year generating more than $5 billion in revenue. Additionally, the tourism industry provides more than 88,000 jobs to residents.
St. Louis locals rely heavily on using a car to get around the city. The average commute time hovers around 25 minutes, and while that isn’t bad compared to some larger major cities, those who choose to not have a car can take advantage of the public transportation options. The light rail, called MetroLink, has been named as one of the best in the country. With multiple lines and plenty of stops throughout the metro area, this is a great option for commuters - especially for those heading to a Cardinals game! The MetroBus is also a great option with an extensive route in the metro area. The Metro Downtown Trolley is great for those looking to get around downtown.
Making the move to St. Louis means getting to choose what neighborhood you want to live in. From the ‘burbs to urban charm, this city has it all. If you love living in a historical area, full of rich architecture, consider Lafayette Square. The Soulard neighborhood has a whole lot of soul with quaint red brickhouses and plenty of blues bars to sit back and relax in. Looking for great schools? Then definitely check out Chesterfield. Need something more family-centric? Then Kirkwood is a great option. Want to be close to the financial hub? Then Clayton may be right for you.
With all that the area has to offer, it might just be time to make the big move to St. Louis, or just a move across town. From packing to moving the heavy stuff, movers can make your move to St. Louis, MO a breeze.

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Moving to St Louis Missouri Moving to St Louis Missouri

Jobs & Local Economy

The unemployment rate in St. Louis is 3.8 (as of May 2018) which is lower than the national average of 3.9%.
The largest employer in the area is BJC HealthCare, and the largest industries are healthcare, business/administration, professional services, manufacturing, food service, and tourism. The average commute time for St. Louis residents is 25 minutes.
The overall cost of living in St. Louis is 11% lower than national average. This is mainly due to the cost of housing, which is 37% lower than the national average, with transportation costs being the only indicator above the national average at 14% higher.

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Making the move to St. Louis also means you can enjoy these nearby attractions:

Soulard Farmers Market

Head to Soulard Farmers Market on Saturday for the best Bloody Mary you will ever taste. The long lines are definitely worth it. Operating since 1779, it is open year round and has a vast variety of meats, cheeses, fruits, and veggies to choose from.
Moving to St Louis Missouri
Moving to St Louis Missouri

Cardinals Game

The number one rule for any Cardinals game: Wear red. For any newcomers to the area, make sure to take in a game or two, especially when the Cardinals play division rivals the Cubs or the Reds.

St. Louis Zoo

Lions! Tigers! Bears! Oh my, the St. Louis Zoo is one of the best in the country. Don’t take our word for it though, it was ranked by Zagat and Parenting Magazine as the best. The zoo houses more than 16,000 animals across 600 species!

City stats & Taxes


Total Population


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Medium Home Sales Price

Educational level

Bachelors Degree or higher

Some college or Associates Degree

High School or GED

Less than High School

No Schooling

Sales Tax

State of Missouri


St. Louis


Income Tax

Federal (Effective)





Property Tax


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